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Frank Elliott has always reached for the stars in his career. Below are some highlights of what Frank Elliott has achieved throughout his career.

*  Frank Elliott has designed and lead the construction of       thirty-two parade floats for theme park parades.

*  Frank Elliott has produced one hundred family oriented       live entertainment productions.

*  Frank Elliott has produced four theme park parades.

*  Frank Elliott has written over a hundred music                   arrangements for theme park shows.

*  Frank Elliott has designed and produced sixty-five stage     sets.

*  Frank Elliott has created countless original characters for

    strolling entertainment in theme parks.

*  Frank Elliott has written countless original music works.

*  Frank Elliott has successfully created his own YouTube 


*  Frank Elliott has written a thirteen episode web series.

*  Frank Elliott has written two feature length films which         are currently in pre-production.

*  and much more...

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