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Franklin Ross Elliott



SUMMARY: (For professional resume, please click the PDF file on the right)

Franklin Elliott is highly creative and multi-talented in various performing arts.  He has over a decade of practical instruction experience in music, theater, and variety performing disciplines in both private and group settings.  Strengths include: 

  • Strong communication skills

  • Effective leadership skills

  • Practical knowledge of various musical instruments

  • Practical knowledge of vocal techniques 

  • Practical knowledge in drama production and direction

  • Practical script writing skills

  • Practical music composing and arranging skills

  • Knowledgable in computer applications for the arts


Well-developed interpersonal skills, easily able to establish and maintain positive rapport with students, parents, and staff from various cultures and backgrounds. Highly self-motivated with a high level of personal and professional integrity. Passionate about achieving success organizationally and interpersonally.

Special Skills:

  • 3-D Computer Rendering  *  Close-Up and Stage Magician  *  Stand-Up Comedian  *  Model Builder  *  Scenic Designer/Builder/Painter  *  Parade Float Designer/Builder  *  Light Show Design and Programming  *  Audio and Video Recording/Editor  *  Sound and Lighting Design and Direction  *  Theme Park Show Producer  * Stage Make-up  *  Animatronic Design and Fabrication  *  Casting and Moldmaking

Software Used:

*  Pro Tools  *  Acid Pro  *  Adobe Premier  *  Adobe Audition  *  Adobe After Effects  *  Finale  *  Q Bass  *  Google Sketchup  *  AutoCAD  *  Paint  *  Excel  *  Word  *  Powerpoint  *  Keynote  *  Final Cut Pro  *  Garage Band  *  Band In A Box  *  Light Jokey  *  Light-O-Rama  *  Blender  *  TurboCAD  *  Quickbooks  *  Dreamweaver  *  Corel Draw  *  Adobe Character Animator * First Draft

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