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Chief Executive Officer

Steel Valley Productions, Inc. is seeking a seasoned, executive level leader to fill the position of Chief Executive Office for the company. Interested candidates should send their resume, along with a cover letter and reference list, to the company’s headquarters in Ohio. Ideal candidates must have a minimum of a Masters degree in business and at least ten years experience in executive management. The ideal candidate should be a self motivated, highly energetic individual who enjoys traveling and working with teams of creative individuals.




The position of Chief Executive Officer for Steel Valley Productions, Inc. is essential to the overall operation of the company. This is the top salaried position in the company and the selected candidate will answer directly to the Board of Directors. Key responsibilities for the position include, but are not limited to the following:


Job Responsibilities:


    - To Develop and manage operating budgets within the company.

    - To Develop and enforce company policies and procedures.

    - To work with subordinate team leaders to ensure company standards are met.

    - To work with the Human Resources team to develop hiring and training plans.

    - To guide the marketing team in reinforcing the branding strategies.

    - To oversee and guide the company toward growth benchmarks set by the board.

    - To act as a visionary and guide the creative team on new concepts.

    - To maintain accurate accounting practices in cooperation with company accountant.

    - To work with corporate attorneys in keeping the company inline with local, state,             federal, and interpersonal guidelines and laws.




The selected candidate will receive a negotiated salary in line with educational and experiential parameters present in the candidates resume and discussed in an interview with the Board of Directors. Additionally, the selected candidate will be eligible for monthly, quarterly, and annual bonuses based on the overall performance of the company via growth in revenue, margin, and active client bases. Further, the selected candidate shall receive the following benefits and perks package:


Benefits and Perks:

    - Full coverage healthcare with deductible allowance annually.

    - Full dental coverage with a deductible allowance annually.

    - Full eye care coverage with zero deductible.

    - Company car for business use.

    - Company expense account for travel and business expenses.

    - Five full weeks paid vacation time annually.





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